Combined Boat and Jet Ski Licence

Combined Boat and Jet Ski License

Most comprehensive Jet Ski Licence course on the Coast!

One-on-One Training!

If you are looking to do a PWC (Jetski) licence but don’t already have a RMDL (Boat) licence then you will need to complete the Boat course first.

The combined RMDL and PWC course is designed for people with some prior experience of boating, If you don’t have any prior experience on Boats or Jet Skis we recommend that you do the course separately over a couple of days, as it is a lot of information to take in all at once.

You will be much better prepared for completing your PWC licence if you have attended one of our Boat licence courses first and then attend a PWC licence course on a different day.

Mike is an expert Jet Ski licence trainer and has worked with Jet Skis in the hire and drive business for years previously. As a result, he offers first-rate training and unlike other providers will dedicate the time required to help you achieve your PWC licence in a safe and efficient manner.

Our simple step-by-step system helps you through the requirements needed for your licence.

  1. Simple to follow step-by-step online theory.
  2. Practical and Theory training and assessment can be completed in one day
  3. Safe, fun and exciting boat.
  4. Small course sizes, Max 4(groups by arrangement).
  5. More time on the water and less in the classroom! (That’s got to be good!)
  6. Start your course today, have your licence tomorrow!

Practical Assessment –
Personal WaterCraft Licence

To get a Queensland marine licence, you must:

  • Be at least 16 years old. (you can complete the course at 15 and a half years old)
  • Complete and pass a BoatSafe course or have a recognised and valid interstate or overseas marine licence.
To get a Queensland marine licence, you must

  • You MUST already have an RMDL Boat Licence to take this course. If you don’t already have a boat licence you should take our Combined Course.